Los Angeles, California, 16th January 2024, ZEX PR WIRECorey Fradin, a seasoned entrepreneur and influential keynote speaker, is causing a stir in the book publishing industry with Authrs.io. Alongside co-founder Corey Gladwell, Fradin has emerged as an innovator in changing the traditional narrative of authorship, specifically for individuals who are occupied with work.

Fradin is dedicated to making the book publishing process more efficient for busy professionals who are always on the move. Fradin has a proven history of successful business ventures and has been featured in prestigious publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur, MSN, Thrive Global, and Apple News. This has given Fradin a deep understanding of the difficulties professionals encounter.

Authrs.io is a tool that can assist you in securing TED Talks and facilitating seamless transitions in your professional life. By implementing Fradin’s strategic approach, the agency not only guarantees authors bestseller status but also grants them access to esteemed professional prospects such as TED Talks and speaking engagements, thereby facilitating a profound and life-altering experience for the authors.

In addition to business, Fradin possesses a range of expertise that encompasses blogging and public speaking. He gained a lot of attention for his popular blog, QuickBooost, which received over 950k views and was featured in well-known publications. He is exceptionally skilled at delivering keynote speeches that transform seemingly ordinary subjects into captivating and useful experiences. Fradin explores the concepts of intentionality, goal setting, and consistency in his captivating talks. He shares valuable insights that audiences can easily grasp and put into practice.

About Corey Fradin

Corey Fradin is a successful business person who has made a name for himself in Southern California. In addition to having a history of successful business endeavors, Corey is one of the co-founders of Authrs.io, which is a prominent book publishing firm. A number of publications, including Forbes, Entrepreneur, MSN, Apple News, Thrive Global, and others, have written about his journey as an entrepreneur.

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