In an industry regularly derided for valuing financial gain at the expense of integrity, recording artist Sandwichez raises the bar with “100s.” More than another entry to his body of work, it serves as a powerful statement on the status of the music industry, all wrapped in the catchy beats and astute lyrics his fans have come to love.


“100s” swims straight into the midst of what’s troubling the heart of the industry and the debilitating trend of artists and businesses becoming fearful of the hand of commerce, Sandwichez doesn’t fear the topic and supplies an honest appraisal of bad transactions that overshadow true artistic expression, addressing not just his audience but beyond.


Sandwichez is unique in that he can marry his musical skills with a keen understanding of the trade aspects. A good illustration is evident with “100s” not only providing humour but also enlightenment and lobbying. Sandwichez has therefore managed to be a trailblazer in giving a voice to the fraudulent practices that have been the doom of many artists through his music. This single is more than just a song; it’s a cry, a realization for those who suffered from the dirty face of music.


The very fact that ‘100s’ has been released is profound for the career of Sandwichez and the industry as a whole – his dedication to the principle of authenticity and openness practically seeps through every line, which turns ‘100s’ into not just his testament of artistry but a symbol of what real music industry is all about. Sandwichez does more than making music; he is leading the way to a world where honesty and creativity reign supreme, showing that you don’t have to throw your artistic soul to see commercial success.


Everyone interested in the future of music and the role artists play in defying the industry narrative should listen to this release.  

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