Who is Jason Voorheezy? That is what the world wants to know. Besides the obvious stage name based off the main character from the Friday the 13th franchise, little is known about the mysterious artist from Hawaii. As the music industry continues to uncover hidden gems, one enigmatic figure has been captivating audiences with an unconventional rise to prominence. “Who is Jason Voorheezy?” is the question on the lips of many as fans discover and share the mysterious artist’s music across online platforms.

What sets Jason Voorheezy apart is not just his mysterious persona but also the organic growth of his fan base. His music, leaked by eager fans who reportedly hacked his accounts, has garnered thousands of views online, creating a buzz around this emerging talent. The anticipation surrounding his upcoming releases is a testament to the artist’s ability to connect with audiences on an unprecedented level.

Adding to the intrigue, Jason Voorheezy received a co-sign from none other than Jaden Smith back in 2017 and was one of the concert performers at his “VISION” tour. The validation from a prominent figure in the music industry adds just another layer to the mystique surrounding this rising star.

In a world dominated by predictable releases, Jason Voorheezy is carving a niche for himself, defying conventions and embracing the unexpected. As the countdown to his next full-length album release date begins, so does the anticipation for the musical revelations that Jason Voorheezy is poised to unveil.

After years of enigmatic silence, the mysterious artist known as Jason Voorheezy has re-emerged, unveiling a musical masterpiece that transcends dimensions. The album, titled “DIMENSIONAL BREACH”, comprises 23 tracks and is a testament to Voorheezy’s artistic evolution during his years of self-imposed exile. Released on Christmas day, on the song “PSYCHEDLIC RAP”, Voorheezy proclaims that this is his “gift to the world”, as fans are surely hyped and ecstatic.

Known for his elusive nature, Voorheezy has been working tirelessly on this long-awaited project, creating an aura of anticipation that has reached a fever pitch. In a unique twist, dedicated fans had resorted to leaking unreleased tracks in their eagerness to get a glimpse of Voorheezy’s sonic innovation, fueling the undeniable hype surrounding “DIMENSIONAL BREACH”.

Adding to the suspense, a 6-track EP titled “BRACE YOURSELF” dropped just a day before the album’s official release, on Christmas Eve, showcasing just how meticulous and calculated this seemingly independent artist is and what he’s capable of. This prelude did not fail to shock fans and build anticipation for the main event.

Behind the scenes, the musical alchemy of “BRACE YOURSELF” and “DIMENSIONAL BREACH” is credited to the talented producer SirBibbus, whose collaboration with Voorheezy has resulted in an otherworldly auditory experience.

The release of “DIMENSIONAL BREACH” marks Jason Voorheezy’s triumphant return to the forefront of the music scene, and with the backing of an enigmatic presence, and A-list musicians, the album is poised to shatter expectations and redefine musical boundaries.

Prepare to be transported into an unparalleled sonic universe with “BRACE YOURSELF” and “DIMENSIONAL BREACH” by Jason Voorheezy.


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