Mt. Juliet, TN, 8th November 2023, ZEX PR WIREJames Kenton, an esteemed figure in Tennessee’s roofing industry, proudly unveils a pioneering initiative dedicated to providing sustainable roofing solutions. With an illustrious career spanning nearly three decades, Kenton has consistently championed environmental responsibility and innovative craftsmanship, culminating in the MetalMan Roofing System, a solution dating back decades and under constant improvements.

In an era where environmental consciousness takes center stage across various industries, Kenton emerges as a beacon of change within the roofing sector. His vision is to offer roofing solutions that are not only protective but also environmentally responsible, contributing positively to a greener, more sustainable future.

At the heart of Kenton’s sustainability initiative lies the introduction of sustainable roofing materials and practices. He is committed to reducing the ecological footprint of roofing projects by harnessing materials and techniques for flawless energy efficiency and, in turn, a lower carbon footprint.

Kenton firmly believes that sustainability and performance are not mutually exclusive. “In today’s world,” he emphasizes, “it is imperative that we embrace sustainability without compromising on the quality and performance of our roofing solutions. Our initiative is designed to strike that perfect equilibrium, offering clients roofs that are not only enduring but also eco-friendly.

As part of this comprehensive sustainable roofing initiative, Kenton’s website has been extensively updated. It now serves as an informative platform where clients can delve into the world of metal roofs, understanding their benefits and the ecological implications of various roofing choices. The website also provides invaluable insights into energy-efficient roofing practices, further exemplifying Kenton’s commitment to crafting roofing solutions that foster energy conservation and sustainability.

The launch of James Kenton‘s sustainable roofing solutions aligns seamlessly with the growing demand from homeowners and businesses for environmentally responsible construction practices. Clients can now make informed roofing choices that not only shield their properties but also contribute tangibly to a more sustainable and eco-conscious future.

Kenton’s endeavor underscores his unwavering dedication to the principles of transparency, professionalism and a profound commitment to delivering roofing solutions that are both eco-friendly and built to withstand the test of time.

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About James Kenton

James Kenton boasts 30 years of expertise in the installation, repair, and customization of metal roofs across Tennessee. The first half of his career is based in Marshfield, where he specialized in retrofitting metal roofs and pioneered an inventive roofing system tailored to homeowners’ needs. As an independent contractor, he primarily operates behind the scenes. To learn more about his accomplishments and interests, follow him on social media.

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