Promising to redefine fashion and unleash individuality, entrepreneur Paul Nosaogiehor proudly announces the launch of his groundbreaking fashion brand, Glintered.

Harlow, England, United Kingdom, 23rd Jul 2023, King NewsWirePromising to redefine fashion and unleash individuality, entrepreneur Paul Nosaogiehor proudly announces the launch of his groundbreaking fashion brand, Glintered.

In order to kickstart this revolutionary venture and bring it to life, Glintered has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to gather the necessary funds for production and global expansion.

Glintered is set to be a fusion of art, sustainability, and self-expression, catering to fashion enthusiasts who embrace uniqueness and seek high-quality clothing that reflects their personality.

The brand’s cutting-edge designs will cater to all genders and various tastes, blending contemporary aesthetics with a commitment to sustainability and ethical production practices.

Paul Nosaogiehor, Founder and Creative Director of Glintered, expressed his vision for the brand, stating, “At Glintered, we believe that fashion is an art form that empowers individuals to embrace their authentic selves.

Our designs will celebrate diversity and promote sustainable choices, ensuring that our customers can make a positive impact on the world without compromising on style.”

The Indiegogo campaign aims to raise funds that will be allocated towards key aspects of Glintered’s brand development, including:

Fabric sourcing: Seeking out environmentally responsible and premium-quality materials that align with the brand’s sustainable ethos.

Ethical manufacturing: Collaborating with production partners who share Glintered’s commitment to fair labor practices and eco-friendly production methods.

Design innovation: Fueling the creative process to deliver unique and innovative designs that will make a bold statement in the fashion industry.

Global expansion: Planning to take Glintered worldwide, starting with strategic marketing campaigns and establishing distribution channels in key markets.

By contributing to the Indiegogo campaign, backers will have the opportunity to be among the first to own exclusive pieces from Glintered’s debut collection, while also supporting a brand that stands for creativity, sustainability, and social responsibility.

To learn more about Glintered and support the Indiegogo campaign, please visit [].

About Paul Nosaogiehor:

Paul Nosaogiehor is a visionary entrepreneur with a passion for art, design, and sustainable fashion. Drawing from his diverse background and global experiences, he aspires to revolutionize the fashion industry with Glintered.

For media inquiries, interviews, and further information, please contact:

[Paul Nosaogiehor]

Public Relations Officer, Glintered

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Phone: [07928340306]

Note: All funds raised through the Indiegogo campaign will be used exclusively for Glintered’s brand development and related activities.

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